Is the Ferrari 458 Italia cursed?

Ten Ferrari 458 Italia supercars have been crashed or wrecked by fire within the last three months. Four of them were ruined by fire and six were written off in accidents.

Ferrari won't comment on the bizarre series of events, but the Italian company has confirmed it is investigating three of the fires. A spokesman said it is taking them "very seriously".

The fourth 458 was destroyed because the car was parked in a warehouse that burned down.

The 458 Italia's unusually high accident rate was brought to light when a number of pictures were uploaded to supercar crash website .

Crashes involving supercars aren't unusual because their high power makes it easy to lose control, especially in the hands of inexperienced drivers; it's thought at least two of the six crashed Ferraris belonged to supercar clubs.

There's no suggestion that any of the crashes were the result of a fault with the car. Still, the frequency of 458 smashes is remarkable, as is the range of circumstances surrounding each.

A black 458 span off the road during rainy weather in Buckinghamshire, while in the Czech Republic a brand new model was driven into a ditch just six hours after its owner collected it. Another hit a tree just outside Ferrari's Maranello factory at only one-day old.

The 458 Italia debuted at September 2009's Frankfurt Motor Show and costs £170,000 - though it's so in demand that cars are still changing hands way above that price. It covers 0-62mph in just 3.4 seconds and has a 202mph top speed.


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