Italian beauty for Geneva

Pininfarina is renowned for its elegant concept cars that have a habit of making it into production and the Italian firm's next show car could follow suit. The Sintesi concept will also explore new materials, design processes and safety features.

A teaser campaign is set to start on the Internet for the Sintesi in January in the run-up to the Geneva Show and Pininfarina says the new car brings together all of the firm's passions. Design director Lowie Vermeersch says: "This concept sums up our values, of the love of our work and passion for innovation. It also embraces new technology, active safety and packaging solutions."

Pininfarina won't be drawn on which car makers they are talking to about making the Sintesi a production reality, but they have hinted the car is closer to being a reality than most concepts.

Alisdair Suttie


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