Proton announces aggressive price cuts

Malaysian car maker Proton has knocked £1,700 off the price of a brand new Satria Neo, making the cheapest version just £8,495.

The Satria Neo's suspension and chassis were developed by Lotus, the British sports car company owned by Proton.

Despite that, sales have bee lacklustre in the UK. The car is sold in the extremely competitive supermini segment against the likes of the best-selling Ford Fiesta and 2010 World Car of the Year, the Volkswagen Polo.

Proton is hoping that the price cut will boost sales - though the Satria Neo is hardly likely to make a dent in the UK top ten.

The most recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that Proton sold just 25 cars in February across the UK - including its other models, the Savvy and the GEN-2.

Ford sold 7,452 cars in the same period, including 2,404 Fiestas. That said, buy a Proton and you're in a club more exclusive than Aston Martin owners: the British supercar maker sold 39 cars in February.

Simon Park of Proton UK said: "We are delighted to reduce the price of the Satria Neo and are confident that this price revision will prove popular with motorists."


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